Phone sex chat

So we all get lonely at times, I know I've had my fair share of empty nights at home. No one to call, no one to connect to. It sucks, lets be honest. Lucky for me, I have a few good friends, unafraid to take risk's with me. One of them gave me a number to call. At first I was hesitant, until I found a site that listed it as one of the best phone sex numbers around. I've never even thought of calling a chat line before. Let alone a phone sex chat. But I think I found a gold mine. It was a Saturday night, I'd spent the day running errands. Wasting my first day off all week. It was around ten when I finally settled in. I was so horny, it was literally impossible to think. I saw my friends number sitting on the counter, and I figured I didn't have anything to loose. After I mustered the courage to dial 1-888-240-2592 , I held my breathe as it started to ring. When the voice on the other end picked up, everything changed for me.

She was amazing. She was gently, and encouraging. She didn't judge me, she made me feel sexy. Sitting there alone in my room, my ear pressed tightly against the receiver. I lost myself in the moment with her. My sweet seductive faceless friend. It was so hot, it didn't take long till you know what happened. But it didn't stop there. She kept talking and turning me on. Our conversation going deeper down the rabbit hole of desire. Twisting and turning around corners we didn't know existed. Ending up in places I never dreamed possible. It only took one time, and I was hooked. I loved this phone sex chat.

I felt free sitting there in my place. Alone to touch myself and enjoy the fun. Free enough to admit anything I wanted. I've never felt so close with another person. Sure I could tell when she was laying it on thick. I could tell when she was trying to get a rise out of me. But then I also knew when I actually surprised her. When my voice got to her. When it went from being her job, to actually turned on by the thought of it. I could here it in her voice, when she was actually touching herself. Laying in her own bed, slipping her own hand down her pants. I could hear it in her breathing. Slowing down and deepening as the pleasure built within her. Loosing myself in the sound of her voice. Holding my breathe, captivated by the moaning coming through the receiver. Biting my lip as she screamed out in ecstasy, coming simultaneously miles apart from each other.

I've never made a person climax just by talking to them. I felt powerful, as if my doubts were instantly conquered. Needless to say I have a new best friend, and I call her twice a week. Who knew phone sex chat could be such a turn on. But you never know unless you try, I'm thankful I did.